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Collaborative relationship
between AANA and AAERI NEPAL

AAERI Nepal Membership

MOU with AAERI India

AAERI and AAERI-Nepal affirm that they are both autonomous with a common goal. The parties therefore shall together to fulfill their common goal while affirming their different identities. The association shall work together, each according to the means it can contribute for the development of the industry they represent in the areas of common interest while enhancing their respective capacities . The association recognizes they have common vision, based on their respective charters. The association commit themselves to a relationship based on values embodied in the principle of this MOU , complementarily , mutually, equitability, transparency , sustainability , members participation and mutual capacity building . The association shall utilize and strengthen already existing local structures on the ground or jointly establish any necessary new structures at the Regional or international level incase required. The association should meet once in a year through a joint meeting at place agreed mutually.

Association of Australian Education Representatives in India (AAERI INDIA), 7th June 2018

Association of Australian Education Representatives in Nepal (AAERI NEPAL) and

Memorandum of Understanding


a) Pre departure session for the students (Twice a year)
b) Cultural Exchange program. (At least once a year)

Both parties agree to respect the identity and purpose of each association and commit to perform all activities with the highest of ethical manner. AAERI NEPAL & AANA will make a joint effort in the development and execution of “Come Back Home” Campaign. Both the parties – AANA and AAERI NEPAL will agree to share an event calendar where both will plan and assist each other in organizing the following events.

The Purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to establish a collaborative relationship between Association of Nepalese Alumni from Australia (ANAA) and The Association of Australian Education Representatives in Nepal (AAERI NEPAL). Both parties in this MOU shall agree to maintain cooperation and support for the mutual growth of both the associations. AANA and AAERI NEPAL will agree to assist each other associations whenever requested for the organizing of events that may seem beneficial for both sides. Assistance can be in the form of financial, member participation or even simple guidance. AAERI NEPAL will invite the members of ANAA for University Network Meet programs where agendas of Alumni Engagement programs will be highlighted. AANA will assist AAERI NEPAL in the development of “Australian Information Center”

AANA Association of Australian Education Representatives in Nepal (AAERI NEPAL), 25th January 2019

Memorandum of Understanding

Rabindra Shrestha

Director, XYZ Education Service


" Thanks to your guidance, we have been able to build a strong reputation as a reliable and trustworthy education agency in Nepal. We are confident that we will continue to help many students achieve their dreams of studying in Australia with your continued support."

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