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Assuring the Integrity and Credibility of Australian Education Agents in Nepal

Study in Australia with Confidence,

Knowing that Your Agent is Trusted and Reputable.


Promote ethical practices among Australian education agents in Nepal

The Association of Australian Education Representatives in Nepal (AAERI Nepal) was formed in June 2018 to assure the integrity and credibility of agents who are recruiting students on behalf of Australian education and training institutions.

AAERI Nepal members agree to abide by a Code of Ethical Practices (COEP) which stipulates that they must provide services to students in a manner which reflects the established practices of Australian education and training institutions and which safeguards the interests of prospective students on the other. 

Our members are all experts in Australian education and they have a proven track record of helping Nepali students achieve their dreams.


Reputed and Experienced
Australian Education Agents in Nepal
Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for setting the association's objectives, developing policies to achieve those objectives, and managing the day-to-day operations of the association. 

Agent's Code of Ethics

AAERI Nepal has set of ethical practices for agents. These code of ethics are applicable for all the agents to provide accurate and realistic environment.

Advertising Norms

AAERI Nepal has a set of advertising norms that all its members must adhere to. These norms are designed to ensure that education agents advertise in a responsible and ethical manner.