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3rd Annual General Meeting of AAERI NEPAL

The 3rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of AAERI Nepal took place on 19th March 2021 at Hotel Marriott, Naxal, Kathmandu. The meeting was held in blended mode with some participants attending virtually, and majority attending physically with safety protocol in place due to COVID. The meeting was segregated into two session viz. Closed and Open Session. The closed session commenced with welcome note by AAERI Nepal Secretary Mr. Naren Aryal who invited delegates into the podium followed by one minute of silence to honor those who died due to Corona Virus Disease (COVID 19). The program further took its course with Annual Report sharing by the AAERI Nepal President Mr. Dwiraj Sharma and Treasurer Mr. Buddhi Sagar Aryal respectively. One of the major agendas of the closed session was to let current executive committee to function until the next AGM. Another important agenda was to amend the statue of AAERI Nepal to increase number of executive members from 5 to 7. Vice President Mr. Mahesh Babu Timalsina proposed the agenda which was passed unanimously. Mr. Rajendra Rijal has joined in Executive Committee as a General Secretary, whereas Mrs. Kabita Basnet Chhetri joined as an Executive member. The close session was concluded with Q&A session where some members suggested regular newsletters and updates, and not taking participation fees from education providers, and making regional agents feel closer with AAERI. The questions were well addressed by various executive team members.

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