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Agentcis and AAERI Nepal Partnership

Agentcis and AAERI Nepal are now official partners. They have come up together as partners with a vision to collaboratively improve Nepal’s international education industry. The Association of Australian Education Representatives in Nepal (AAERI Nepal) was established in June 2018 to ensure education agents’ honesty and reliability. In regards to the same, members of AAERI Nepal have to agree to abide by a Code of Ethical Practices. AAREI members provide services to students in a way that respects the norms of Australian education and training institutions.

Agentcis has been working in the International Education industry for the past 5 years. Since its launch, Agentcis has had over 3000 active users in over 23 countries. Agentcis has established itself as the best CRM software for education and migration consultants around the world. Throughout the years Agentcis has operated with a vision to become a leading software for education and migration agency management. Also, it aims to empower international education businesses through constant innovation in technology. Now Agentcis and AAERI Nepal will be working together to establish a solid alliance between the two parties. The alliance will be to assist industry growth through the use of Agentcis and other platforms.

The lack of information availability and adequate training for education counselors in Nepal. This leads to an insufficient and subpar process for counseling students on their options for higher education and visas.

Unethical actions in international education have tarnished the reputation of the Nepalese market internationally.

International Education’s lack of adequate procedures has caused enrollment delays for students.

Due to competition and a saturated market situation a difficult situation for new businesses exists

Today’s students are better knowledgeable, therefore education counseling needs to be more precise and effective to have an influence.

Partnership Vision

Considering all of the problems that we have identified above, the partnership between AAERI Nepal and Agentcis aims to facilitate and support the present condition of all education agents in Nepal. Here are some of the efforts that this partnership will carry out to uplift the international education market in Nepal

1. Providing the necessary training: We believe that the industry becomes better and stronger when businesses have skilled human resources. With the same view, Agentcis and AAERI Nepal will assist education agents in Nepal to acquire the best possible skills. Education agencies are service-based businesses so they will have to be highly skilled to serve all of their clients. For this, Agentcis will help its partners by providing courses that will help the agents in the long run.

2. Technological support: Another key point is, Innovation, and technology are staples for any business to be efficient in today’s world. Alongside this, Agentcis will provide technical support and advice to all AAERI members. Also, both parties will work together to bring out the best technological solutions that will benefit the over industry. Agentcis will support AAERI Nepal in all technical areas. It includes establishing a solid reputation for the education sector on the global market.

3. Ethical Practices for Agents: The partnership will also move forward to strengthen the Code of Ethical Practices set by AAERI Nepal. Also, it will make sure that education agents counsel prospective students accurately and realistically, and distribute the right information.

4. Assist in building processes: Through the partnership, both parties also aim to develop standard operating procedures that are on par with industry standards. The goal is to make education agents in Nepal able to provide their services in the most efficient manner.

5. Make information more accessible: Having the necessary information in hand will help every agent to perform their activities better. Information about members’ status, available partners, and available resources will help every agent whenever required. The partnership aims to make information more accessible not just for education agents but students as well. All in all, this partnership is a beginning for more to come with a shared vision, that is, to uplift the international education market in Nepal and assist agencies to make themselves competitive in the global market.

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